Diary of A DC Courtesan

ALERT! Donation Adjustment Effective August 19, 2016

Good evening lovers!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to their week and staying cool in this heat wave. I know that I have kept one or two of you a bit hot under the collar waiting for our meetings lately but I guess that comes with the territory, eh?

Speaking of meetings, I am issuing a PSA of sorts concerning Incall vs Outcall considerations. 

Starting August 19, 2016, the Donations for Incalls and Outcalls will switch. This adjustment is due to the nature and process of my Incall bookings. Since I am not a provider with a regular Incall location, every Incall request requires that I book a hotel specifically for that appointment, more advance scheduling, and a great deal of risk on my part should a cancellation occur. 

In addition, I will no longer take Same-Day Incall Appointments. All Incall Requests must be made at least 24 Hours in advance and MUST BE PRE-BOOKED WITH A BOOKING FORM SUBMISSION. Emails with review site handles will not be accepted as screening information. Booking Requests with provider and agency references will be given priority. 

Lastly. I do NOT book appointments before 12 PM. Period. No Exceptions.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]!

Until Next Time,

Vanessa Hamilton XX

(202) 749-4665

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Postponed Tour Schedule & Incall Protocol

Hello loves,

Due to a busier than expected schedule in my current area, my touring schedule has been temporarily postponed until further notice. Please note this may change at any time.

In other news, I have noticed some confusion about how my incall locations so I have put a few FAQ up to help.

Q: Do you have a regular incall location in DC?

A: No, I do not have a regular incall location/times. Incalls must be prebooked in advance, therefore it is strongly suggested that you submit a Booking Form in the Booking Vanessa section if you wish to make an appointment. 

Q: Do I have to provide the incall location?

A: No. I will still provide the location, and will do my best to accommodate by booking near you if possible. However, if you are out of the DC area there is a 90 minute mandatory booking requirement.

Q: If someone has already booked an incall, will you let me know so that I can see you?

A: Most likely not. Unless you have submitted a booking request or I have seen you previously, you will not be privy to my schedule. 

In short, Pre-book, Pre-Book, PRE-BOOK! I'm very accommodating with last minute requests if submitted in a timely manner as seen by many. If there are any other questions regarding Incalls, Outcalls, or Policies do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]

With Love,

Vanessa XOXO

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Upcoming Tour Schedule

Exciting news! I will be going on tour soon. Stay tuned for an updated schedule. I am a free spirit that never stays still very long, so be sure to prebook so that you can reserve your private time with me before I am off on my next adventure!

On Tour donation info is available under Considerations. 

If my tour schedule does not connect with yours, feel free to ask about my Out of State Express and Getaway Packages!

See you soon....


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